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  • DeWitt Nonwoven Spunbound, Weed Fabric, 3-oz. Black 4’W x 300’L


    Professional-grade landscape fabric lets the good stuff in but keeps the bad stuff down

    • Minimizes light penetration to suppress weed growth
    • Allows water and air to pass through
    • When covered, the fabric is strong, durable and resistant to damage from extreme temperatures
    • Lightweight design is easier to cut than woven products
    • Treated to minimize degradation from UV light exposure

    This cost-effective fabric mulch is black in color and comes 4’W x 300’L.

  • Landscape Fabric Anchor (AP-DCA)


    DeWitt Landscape Fabric Anchor Re-Pins secure any kind of temporary landscape covering

    These DeWitt Landscape Fabric Anchor Re-pins are durable plastic anchoring pins to secure all types of temporary landscape coverings. They have a looped top for easy installation and removal. The red stakes are easy to see, and they’re UV-treated for long life. 6″L. Pkg. of 300.

  • N-Sulate Cold and Frost Protection Fabric


    Protect nursery and field plants from unexpected cold snaps

    • Protects plants from severe cold
    • Reusable
    • Permeable
    • UV-treated
    • Easy to use
    • Fabric is 11.5 mil thick and weighs 1.5 oz. per square yard
    • 12’W x 500’L roll

    This fabric will protect your flowering annuals, bedding plants and vegetables from severe cold and freezing temperatures. It also protects against spring or fall frosts and extends the growing season so you can get earlier harvests or blooms.

  • Natural Biodegradable Erosion Control Blanket


    Give grass seeds a fighting chance to grow by halting wind and water erosion with this landscape blanket

    ALL NATURAL – The 100%-natural aspen wood fibers are “weed seed” and chemical free
    LONG-LASTING PROTECTION – Wood fibers are held together by biodegradable mesh netting that lasts 30 to 60 days
    KEEPS SEEDS MOIST – The wood fibers expand slightly when wet and slowly release the moisture to the seeds below
    DIMENSIONS – 4’W x 101’L rolls

    Curlex Natural Fiber Landscape Blankets promote ideal growing conditions for grass seed while providing necessary erosion control. Works best for slopes 2:1 or less and areas of light to moderate rainfall and runoff. Anchoring pins, item numbers 145531 and 145588, sold separately.

  • Nursery Nails


    Secure burlap and keep it in place

    These highly polished, sharp-pointed nursery nails slip easily through burlap and hold it tight.

    Excellent for use in field when harvesting plant material.

    2-1/4″L. Sold in 50-lb. boxes.

  • Plain Burlap Roll


    This Burlap Roll is perfect for nurseries and professional garden centers

    This Burlap Roll works great when you need a specific size cut for applications where a pre-cut square isn’t the most economical choice.

  • Reusable Seed Guard Fabric Roll


    Protect newly planted seeds from rain, wind, birds and insects

    EFFECTIVE – Provides a 90-95% seed germination rate under favorable conditions, compared to 65% when using hay or straw
    DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Polypropylene fabric weighs 0.5 oz. per square yd. and is treated to minimize UV deterioration
    EASY TO USE – Cleaner and easier to remove than other covers and won’t introduce weeds into your new yard
    DIMENSIONS – 12’W x 1,000’L roll; 47 lb.

    The DeWitt Reusable Seed Guard Fabric Roll is a polypropylene fabric that protects your newly seeded lawn from potential losses due to rain, wind, birds, insects and even late frosts. Remove fabric 2 to 3 weeks after seeding or before the first mowing.

  • Stanley Ring Pliers (FK-LC)


    Attaches burlap, fencing, plant tags and more in seconds

    These Stanley Ring Pliers are durable, metal pliers that are easy to grip and use. Rings load on a staple-like clip for fast application to connect burlap, fencing and more quickly and easily. 7-1/4″L. 0.75 lb.

  • WeedGuard Plus Standard Weight Biodegradable Paper Weed Barrier


    Controls weeds while allowing air and water to get to your plants

    WeedGuard Plus Standard Weight Biodegradable Paper Weed Barrier is a 100% opaque weed barrier made from cellulose fibers.

    • Naturally porous paper controls weeds but allows air and water to penetrate
    • Warms soil to kick-start spring growth
    • Can be tilled into the soil or left to degrade at the end of the season
    • Made from renewable resources, with no petrochemicals

    Easy to Use

    • Simply roll out the barrier
    • Sprinkle some water and soil on top
    • Poke holes and transplant seedlings
    • Let it degrade or till into the soil