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  • Asphalt Rake (AK-DSL)


    This extra-long Bully Tools rake smooths and levels asphalt with ease

    LARGE HEAD – 16″W x 4″H steel head with 14 tines make quick work of leveling asphalt
    DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Bolted-on head is welded to a 1/2″-dia. steel shank
    DIMENSIONS – Overall length 72″

    This Bully Tools Asphalt Rake is designed to keep you a safe distance from hot tar and asphalt while you smooth it out. Hot tar and asphalt are kept off the handle and away from your legs thanks to the 15″L tang. Asphalt Rake ships disassembled. Weight 4.6 lb.

  • BULLY TOOLS Leaf Rake (JB-SLC4)


    This sturdy Bully Tools Leaf Rake is lightweight and well-balanced to lessen fatigue – just what you need for large raking jobs

    This well-built Bully Tools Leaf Rake features a unique design with round tines welded to the frame – eliminating the flimsiness found with most other spring rakes. Rake head measures 24″W to handle large jobs.

  • Bully Tools® 18″W Stone Rake (JC-SAS)


    The perfect tool to make landscaping easy

    This Bully Tools 18″W Stone Rake is just what you need for moving lightweight bedding materials such as mulch, straw, wood chips and hay. It has an 18″W steel rake head with 2 3/4″L tines and a fiberglass handle. Measures 66″L overall and weighs 3.5 lb.

  • Bully Tools® Four-Tine Cultivator (GC-OFS)


    Engineered for durable, fatigue-reducing cultivation

    The Bully Tools Four-Tine Cultivator is ideal for cultivating, weeding and aerating soil.

    • Super heavy-duty 5-1/4″W steel head
    • 3-1/2″L curved tines
    • Fiberglass handle increases leverage while reducing fatigue
    • 59-1/2″L overall
  • Long-Handled Bow Rake (MM)


    Wrap up your landscaping chores in a snap with this tough, yet lightweight Bully Tools Long-Handled Bow Rake

    Yard work doesn’t need to be a chore when you’re using Bully Tools Long-Handled Bow Rake. This well-balanced rake features a tough, yet lightweight fiberglass handle and a 16″W head. Measures 60″L overall length. 3 lb.

  • Long-Handled Cultivator (LL-WA)


    Easily prepare seed beds in root- and weed-infested areas

    This innovative Weedivator Handheld Cultivator helps you cultivate, rake, pull or dig seed beds even if they have sod, weeds or rocks in them. On one side, a threaded crossbar is welded to four cultivating tines to snag roots, weeds and rocks beneath the soil surface. Turn the Weedivator over to use a cupped scuffle hoe with a serrated edge on both sides to further break up soil or cut weeds at the root. 59″L overall. 4-1/2″L tines. 3 lb.

  • Root Assassin™ Rake Assassin (SO-UC)


    A rake, shovel and skimmer all in one

    The Rake Assassin is like having three essential groundskeeping tools in one: rake, shovel and skimmer.

    • Ideal for cleaning up mowed grass, tree waste, leaves and pruning clippings
    • Great for cleaning stables and keeping pastures clean
    • Ergonomic design prevents need to bend over
    • Designed for long life featuring polycarbonate teeth, durable plastic handle and powder-coated aluminum shaft
  • Steel Bow Rake (Agora)


    Steel Bow Rake

    This High-quality Steel Bow Rake has slightly rounded teeth to more effectively gather stones, large weeds and thatched grass. This rake is also ideal for seed bed preparation and features a one-piece, 16-tine forged head and a 5’L straight hardwood handle. Head measures 16 1/2″W. 3.7 lb.

  • WOLF Garten 24″ Landscaping (IG-AI)


    Ideal when a lighter head is desired but strength cannot be sacrificed

    • Durable: All-welded steel construction
    • Increased Coverage: Longer, 24″ width covers more ground than smaller rake heads
    • Long Lasting: Zinc coating prevents rust

    The WOLF Garten Landscaping Rake is a heavy-duty tool but much lighter than many metal rakes on the market. Tines are 4″L. Part of the WOLF Garten interlocking tool system. Handle sold separately.