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  • All-Steel Spade


    Industrial quality for landscaping, transplanting, edging and digging

    HEAVY DUTY – A 15″L blade made of heavy-duty 14-ga. steel tapers from 7-1/2″W at the top to 6″W at the bottom
    EASY TO USE – A removable rubber footpad step can be bolted to either side of the blade for maximum comfort and leverage
    GOOD GRIP – The oversized steel D-grip handle accommodates large hands and multiple grip positions

    This Razorback All-Steel Spade is the right tool for landscaping, transplanting, edging and digging. Total tool length is 42″L.

  • Black Sifting Scoop Shovel, 42″


    This shovel is perfect for sifting and screening debris so you can create the perfect finish

    DURABLE – One-piece polypropylene shovel resists chemicals, won’t corrode and is sanitary
    EASY DRAIN – Holes are .375″-dia. for easy sift through
    DIMENSIONS – Scoop measures 17″ Lx 14″W, D-grip 25″L handle, 42″L overall

    This Midwest Rake Company 42″ Black Sifting Scoop Shovel is ideal for sifting and removing debris when top-dressing athletic fields, golf courses and ball diamonds. Also works great for screening unwanted materials during pre-seeding of lawns. Weighs 3.4 lb.

  • Ceremonial Chrome Plated Shovel (LM)


    Present this unique and hard-to-find ceremonial shovel for groundbreaking ceremonies or as a commemorative gift

    BEAUTIFUL FINISH – High-quality steel shovel head is hand chrome plated for a beautiful shine BLADE DIMENSIONS – #2 blade measures 11-1/2″L x 9″W with a forward-turned step.

    This Ceremonial Chrome Plated Shovel features a hardwood D-grip handle that is 27″L. Total length 42″L.

  • Corona® Short D-Grip #12 Steel Scoop Shovel


    Shovel head is made of high-carbon steel for added strength and durability

    REINFORCED DURABILITY – Shovel has reinforcing ribs to tackle heavy-duty shoveling applications
    DIMENSIONS – Head measures 14-1/2″W x 18″L with 49-1/2″L overall

    This Corona Short D-Grip #12 Steel Scoop Shovel features a thick, 14-ga. tempered steel blade that holds up better than aluminum and 30″L D-handle made with sturdy American Ash. Weighs 7.1 lb.

  • Long-Handle, Round Point Perforated Shovel


    When you’re cleaning up waterways or sifting material out of sand you need a solid solution that’s full of holes

    STRONG BLADE – Shovel blade is made from strong tempered steel for strength and durability
    DURABLE HANDLE – Fiberglass handle won’t crack, splinter or rot
    COMFORTABLE – Cushioned grip straight handle goes easy on your hands during long days
    EASY DRAIN – Holes are .35″-dia. for easy drain through

    This Midwest Rake Company Long-handle, Round Point Perforated Shovel is great for cleaning irrigation ditches, separating trash or stones from golf course bunkers and removing debris from ponds and streams. Measures 59″L overall.

  • MANPLOW Poly Roof Rake


    MANPLOW Poly Roof Rake

    The MANPLOW Poly Roof Rake is a perfect snow rake to clear your roof. This snow rake features a 32″W x extra-tall 8″H blade that pulls much more snow than ordinary roof rakes. Includes four, 4’L extensions allowing you a 16’L reach. The HDPE blade has an effective bowed design and is easier on your roof than metal blades. Comfort-grip handle provides excellent control and helps reduce fatigue.

  • Manplow Pro Fury Snow Pushers, 3/pkg.


    Economical packs of three are a great way to provide Manplow Pro Fury snow pushers for your whole crew. They help you spend less time clearing snow from virtually any surface. Ballistic-rated, 13″H high-density polyethylene blades are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Plus, blades are corrosion resistant and handle big jobs without snow sticking. 1″W EZ-Glide Edge coasts over cement seams, pavers and decking without scratching or bone-jarring sudden stops. Edge lasts for up to 300 shoveling hours. U-shaped, one-piece aluminum handle is lightweight and strong. Sizes match standard sidewalk widths.
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  • Midwest Rake Company Short D-Handle Round Point Perforated Shovel


    Built to withstand a variety of debris-removal chores

    • Strong Blade: Made from tempered steel for strength and durability
    • Durable Handle: Fiberglass handle won’t crack, splinter or rot
    • Perforated: .35″-dia. holes in the blade allow dirt and water to pass while retaining solids

    Great for cleaning irrigation ditches, separating trash or stones from sand, and removing debris from water. 39″L overall.

  • Poly Scoop Shovel with D-Handle


    When it comes to this Poly Scoop Shovel, longer is better – better for your back!

    LIGHTWEIGHT – This well-balanced shovel is only 4 lb. – perfect for all-day use
    EASY GRIP – Fiberglass D-handle provides an easy, comfortable grip
    TACKLES LARGE JOBS – The large 19″L x 15″W poly blade can tackle giant piles of snow, dirt or other materials – no problem!

    At 53-1/2″L, this Bully Tools Poly Scoop Shovel is a full 8″ longer than most other scoops – making it easier to use with less back strain.