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  • 35-gal., 12V Pro-Series Sprayer with 150 psi Pump


    This durable, premium-grade, skid-mounted sprayer is perfect for spraying caustic cleaning solutions, fertilizers and pesticides

    SPRAY RATE – 1.4 gpm at 150 psi
    RELIABLE PUMP – 12V continuous-duty diaphragm pump and motor with Viton® valves
    EASY TO USE – Loads easily on a trailer, utility vehicle or pickup
    REINFORCED SPRAY HOSE – Includes 30’L x 3/8″ reinforced PVC spray hose
    VERSATILE SPRAY WAND – 15″L spray wand with adjustable tip and in-line suction side strainer
    TANK SIZE – 35-gal.
    DIMENSIONS – 35″L x 20″W x 23″H

    This Kings 35-gal., 12V Pro-Series Sprayer with 150 psi Pump is factory tested and assembled. 

  • 4-gal. Never Pump™ Bak-Pak® Battery-Powered Sprayer


    Eliminate the fatigue of pumping, plus get a load of features that maximize your spraying with this battery powered sprayer

    MAXIMUM BATTERY CHARGE – Maximizes battery charge by only running when needed, so you get 8 to 10 hr. of spray time per battery charge
    SMART NOZZLES – Includes flat fan, cone, dual-cone and plastic adjustable nozzles
    DURABLE – Chemical resistant for long life

    The Hudson Never Pump 4-gal. Bak-Pak Battery-Powered Sprayer is an on-demand mini-diaphragm pump that provides maximum pressure of 60 psi. Features a 20″L spray wand, 42″L spray hose, low-voltage alarm and on/off switch. Lid strainer, suction inlet filter and handle filter virtually eliminate clogs. AC charger included. Replacement battery (Item No. 167779) sold separately. 18 lb. 

  • 6-gal. Spray-Pro Ground-Driven Sprayer


    Easily spread pesticides, fertilizers and ice melters

    LOW MAINTENANCE – No motors that need batteries, gas or oil
    EVEN SPRAYING – An innovative, self-priming, gear-driven pump is operated by the axle and distributes an even spray pattern on your lawn, sidewalk or parking lot
    WIDE SPRAY PATH – One nozzle provides a 24 to 60″ spray width
    DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Includes a height-adjustable handle, heavy-duty epoxy-coated chassis, and a dual-mode valve for spraying or transport
    PORTABLE – Rolls smoothly on stud-type, 13″-dia. pneumatic tires

    The EarthWay Ground-Driven Sprayer helps you evenly spread pesticides, fertilizers and ice melters with nozzles for fine, medium and coarse patterns. This walk-behind sprayer eliminates the hassles of battery- or motor-driven sprayers for dependable use.

  • Backpack Sprayer With Diaphragm Pump, 3 gal.


    Spraying for weeds, insects and disease control doesn’t need to be labor-intensive with this lightweight, portable sprayer

    STURDY CONSTRUCTION – The spray tank is made of high-tensile, UV-stabilized polyethylene to withstand high-impact use and resist chemicals and stress
    PORTABLE – Backpack sprayer is lightweight for extended use
    COMFORTABLE – Nylon web straps are padded at the shoulders for comfort, and the pump handle is adjustable for left- or right-hand operation
    POWERFUL – Delivers weed, insect, and disease control for plants and animals at 60 psi
    VERSATILE – The diaphragm pump generates a lower pressure, resulting in larger droplets with less spray drift. It works well with abrasive sprays, bleach solutions and wettable powders
    EASY TO FILL – The large, 4″-dia. opening with strainer makes it easy, fast and safe to fill
    CONVENIENT – The trigger lock allows for continuous spraying

    This Solo 3-gal. Backpack Sprayer With Standard Diaphragm Pump is designed with chemical-resistant parts for years of trouble-free operation. It comes with four nozzles for extra versatility: flat fan, jet stream, hollow cone and adjustable plastic. 

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    Bak-Pak® Powered Duster Sprayer, 3.75 gal.

    $349.99 $340.00

    Use this tough, but easy-to-use portable applicator to spread granular fertilizers and powders where conventional spreaders can’t go

    POWERFUL – 42cc, two-cycle engine spreads granular products up to 35′
    VERSATILE – 12-setting flow control
    COMFORTABLE – Padded shoulder straps and backrest provide the comfort you need for a long workday
    ADAPTABLE – Converts to a 0.6 gpm mist blower

    This Hudson Bak-Pak Duster Sprayer features a 3.75-gal. tank and includes tool kit, fuel mixing container and everything needed to convert to a 0.6 gpm mist blower. Weighs 31.3 lb. 

  • Brush Pro Spot Sprayers


    Spot sprayers handle the rigors of petroleum products

    • 1.6-gpm pump is diesel mix and petroleum distillate compatible
    • 15’L braided nylon hose
    • 5″-dia. fill lid with tether
    • Molded-in drain with tethered cap
    • 16′ vertical spray and 25′ horizontal spray

    Bush Pro Sprayers stand up to petroleum over the long haul. 1.6-gpm pump is diesel mix and petroleum distillate compatible, making these sprayers ideal for applying herbicides to stubborn brush and overgrowth. Brush Pro Series spot sprayers feature durable polyethylene tanks, 15’L braided nylon hose, 5″-dia. fill lid with tether, molded-in drain with tethered cap and 12V connection cable. Spray gun adjusts from mist to stream with an impressive 16′ vertical spray and 25′ horizontal spray.

  • Enduraplas 22-gal. Deluxe ATV Sprayer


    Low-profile 22-gal. tank
    Tank baffle improves stability
    2 gpm at 60 psi
    12V diaphragm pump
    15’L coiled hose with 18″L spray wand

    The Enduraplas 22-gal. Deluxe ATV Sprayer mounts on the front or rear rack of your ATV. The low-profile tank includes an integral tank baffle for added stability and a sump for easy removal of unused spray material. This ATV sprayer features a 12V, 2.0 gpm at 60 psi diaphragm pump, a 15’L coiled hose, 18″L spray wand, two tie-down straps and a 1-gal., built-in freshwater tank for cleaning purposes. Sprayer tank features volume markings. 30″L x 38″W x 16″H.

  • FIMCO 25-gal., 12V ATV Sprayer with Quick-Release Wetboom


    Easily spray glyphosate herbicide from your ATV

    • Versatile: Mounts to most ATVs and has a quick-release boom to easily transform this spot sprayer into a boom sprayer
    • Powerful: 12V diaphragm pump delivers 3.8 gpm at 45 psi
    • Adjustable: Adjust sprayer to spray right, left, center or all three, and adjust nozzles up or down
    • Good Coverage: 15’L hose with deluxe pistol-grip spray gun delivers 35′ maximum horizontal throw and 26′ maximum vertical throw
    • Wide Spray Path: Maximum 30’W spray swath with all three nozzles open

    The Fimco 25-gal., 12V ATV Sprayer with Quick-release Wetboom lets you easily spray glyphosate herbicide from your ATV. It has a poly spray tank and a 96″L lead wire with quick coupler, in-line switch and deluxe battery clips.

  • Fimco® 12V Standard Spot Sprayer, 15 gal.


    The unique design and sturdy construction of this Fimco Spot Sprayer makes it perfect for handling insecticides and herbicides

    COOL OPERATION – The 12V diaphragm pump has an internal cooling fan
    PRECISE MEASURING – Tank features graduations in both gallons and liters for easy measuring
    EASY TO CLEAN – Tank has a full-length drain sump and full drain out capability for easy cleaning
    SMART DESIGN – The unique tank design has large wrap horns for easy handling or convenient hose coiling
    MAXIMUM THROW – 25′ horizontal and 12′ vertical
    CAPACITY – 15-gal tank

    This Fimco Standard Spot Sprayer features a corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank – perfect for handling insecticides and herbicides. Sprayer comes with everything you need to tackle tough jobs, including a 12V, 1.0 gpm at 35 psi diaphragm pump, 19″ spray wand with adjustable nozzle and 15’L hose.