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  • 1-1/3 Gal. Heavy-Duty Plastic Watering Can with Plastic Rose Spout


    Premium-quality watering can is ideal for small to mid-size jobs

    • Long Life: Made of high-grade, injection-molded plastic
    • Great Balance & Control: Ergonomic oval handle design wraps around the can
    • Ideal Size: 1-1/3 gal. can is perfect for small- to mid-sized watering jobs
    • Looks Great: Dark green color is a perfect match to the task at hand
    • Versatile: Includes removable plastic rose spout attachment

    This premium-quality watering can is ideal for small to mid-size jobs.

  • Adjustable Fan Stream Nozzle


    Ideal for the golf and sports turf management industry

    Allows you to adjust from a wide, fanlike pattern to an 80′ smooth-bore stream with a simple pull or push of the innovative grab handle. Features a unique easy shutoff, making it a favorite in the industry. 1″ NPSH female inlet. Includes a 3/4″ garden hose thread adapter.

  • Dramm 2-1/2 Gal. Heavy-Duty Plastic Watering Can with Plastic Elbow


    Premium-quality Swiss-made Watering Can

    • Made of high-grade, injection-molded plastic for long life
    • Ergonomic oval handle design wraps around the can for great balance and control
    • Includes removable plastic elbow attachment
    • 2-1/2 gal. capacity
    • Dark green color is a perfect aesthetic match for the task at hand

    This premium-quality, Swiss-made watering can will never leave you hanging out to dry – and the same goes for your plants.

  • DRAMM Commercial-Grade 30″L Aluminum Rain Wand


    This heavy-duty 30″L Rain Wand helps you reach hard-to-water areas without hassle

    • Sturdy Construction: Made from aluminum and high-impact plastic
    • Comfortable Grip: Foam comfort hand grip makes watering easy on the hands
    • Prevents Waste: Brass shut-off valve lets you conserve water when your job is finished

    Gently water your seed beds, plants and more with this fun-colored Dramm Rain Wand. Features anodized aluminum tubing, handle and a full-flow showerhead.

  • Heavy-Duty Plastic Watering (OMG)


    Balance and control while watering plants and flowers

    This durable can is made of high-grade, injection-molded plastic with an oval handle that wraps around the can for great balance and control while watering. Includes removable plastic rose spout attachment.

  • KOCHEK High-Volume, Dual-Gallonage Jump Nozzle


    KOCHEK High-Volume Jump Nozzle gives you versatility in watering and fogging

    • Highest-quality aluminum, stainless steel and rubber components
    • Powder-coated for durability and longer life
    • 100 psi

    The KOCHEK High-Volume Jump Nozzle gives you versatility in watering and fogging.

  • Kochek Residential Water (JA-LR)


    Residential water nozzle is designed for lower volumes and pressures

    This residential water nozzle is ideal for lawn and flowerbed irrigation, vehicle washes, syringing putting surfaces and conditioning infields. This unit utilizes fire nozzle technology in an all-aluminum and stainless steel nozzle. Sprays a straight stream and fog pattern. Features 3/4″” GHT. Sprays an effective pattern using water pressure ranging from 40 to 200 psi with a maximum output of 15 gpm.

  • Multi-mist Nozzle


    Multi-mist Nozzle is the ultimate syringing and conditioning tool

    This innovative, heavy-duty aluminum nozzle is ideal for the golf course or sports field manager who needs precise and accurate water patterns for light syringing or perfect dampening of infields. Pattern adjusts easily from stream to fan with a simple turn of the rubber bumper. Includes three adjustable gallonage tips: Low = 15 gpm, Medium = 25 gpm, High = 35 gpm to achieve the droplet size and water flow needed for your application. 1″ NPSH coupler.

  • Standard Pellet Applicator with Showerhead Nozzle


    Save water when watering turf and ornamentals

    EASY TO USE – Simply connect the applicator to a water source, fill the clear nylon pellet container and twist it on
    PRECISE – O-ring seal keeps your applicator watertight and precise
    COMFORT + CONTROL – A swivel at the supply end and a shutoff ball valve gives you maximum comfort and control

    Easily and precisely apply pelletized wetting agents, surfactants and adjuvants to turf and ornamentals. Works with 3/4″ or 1″ hose.